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Hi! I am Lynette Harper, owner of Serene Sleep Solutions. I am a mother to a very busy girl that would like to have as little sleep as possible. When she was born I had no idea what baby's needed for sleep and how important it was for them. It lead to our baby girl becoming very overtired. We'd spend hours sometimes bouncing, swinging, rocking, shushing, everything you could imagine to get her to sleep. She'd be up every 2 hours in the night and only nap for about 20 mins in my arms. It was exhausting for both my husband and I. We couldn't go on any longer doing this.

This lead me to research what I could do to get my baby to sleep. I read books and websites and within a few weeks we had a very happy girl and a happy mommy and daddy. We couldn't believe the difference sleep training made in our life!

Every milestone and bump in the road our daughter has given us has made me learn so much and I continue to do research on new ways to get babies to sleep independently. I wanted to reach out to other families and help them through these difficult times and show what a difference a sleeping baby can make! So I became a certified sleep consultant.


We recently had a baby boy and I cannot believe the difference it has made knowing what we needed to do right from the beginning to create good sleeping habits.

People often say to my husband and I "you have such a happy baby". I feel that a lot of it is because he gets the sleep he needs from helping him to sleep independently right from day 1.

I am not just your ordinary sleep consultant

Find out why I'm different.

Have you searched long and hard to find out what method would work best for you and your baby? 

Have you tried a method and you saw no success?

Many people when they hear the words "sleep training" they automatically think it means leaving your child to cry it out. I'm happy to tell you that I do not offer any "cry-it out" methods." I will not be giving you a plan that leaves your child to cry themselves to sleep.

I offer two types of methods:

  • A gentle method with no crying or very little as possible

  • An intermediate method which usually results in a few tears.

I offer extended packages that are 3-4 months long because every child has "bumps in the road". I like to make sure that the families I work with are well prepared and supported through regressions, illnesses, travelling, teething or any other situation that will effect you and your child's sleep. Often parents will see quick results when sleep training but then something comes up and they fall back into old sleep habits where they need help and support to get back on track. Or they want help to prevent something happening down the road.

I know every child is different and I believe you know your baby best so I will create a customized sleep plan just for you and your child. I will be there to answer any questions you have and support you through each step of your sleep training journey.


Have twins or multiples? I have methods to help you as well. 

Most methods only take about 3-5 days before your baby is sleeping through the night!


Sound like a dream?


It's a dream come true!


Let me help you and your baby get the sleep you need and deserve.

If you would like to learn more about what is included in my packages, how to decide what method works best for you then book a discovery call here.