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DIY Programs

Sleep Easy Plan 

Get a sleep plan right away!


Skip hours of research - and have a step by step guide on what to do to help your little one sleep better immediately

The Ultimate Sleep Course for Tired Moms: Creating Ideal Sleep Schedules for Littles

0-3 Years Old

Does your little one fall asleep independently but you still are having sleep struggles?

Does your little one wake early, take short naps or refuse to go to bed?

If YES, learn Lorraine's tried and true secrets to find that magic sleep schedule for your little one.

Bumps in the Road Package

Avoid making long terms sleep habits for short term problems.

Learn how to overcome the most common bumps in the road that cause sleep disturbances such as:

-Sleep Regressions


-Growth Spurts



-Developmental Milestones

-Separation Anxiety


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What people are saying about me


"It was an amazing sense of freedom and relief to know exactly how to get back to our rituals and routine while we were travelling and interrupting the routine!"

-Alexandra and Jack (2 years)

"I stumbled upon Lynette's website in the middle of the night while in one of my MANY sleep-deprived moments of desperation. I had tried other sleep training sites, read all the books, and spent a small fortune but to no avail. It had been 5 years since I had slept through the night. Yes, that's correct. Five YEARS. Both of my darling daughters had always been horrible sleepers and kept me up every single night. When I hired Lynette, I knew she was the one. She was that motherly voice of encouragement inside my sleep-deprived brain the middle of the night. I knew I could " call on her" via email day or night, and she would always help me. She knows her stuff, and she taught me what I needed to know. This week, my girls have been sleeping through the night, and so have I. It's so awesome to finally see results. I couldn't be any happier with who I entrusted my situation to."


- Rebecca Bechtold and Faith (18 months)

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