What people are saying about me


"I stumbled upon Lynette's website in the middle of the night while in one of my MANY sleep-deprived moments of desperation. I had tried other sleep training sites, read all the books, and spent a small fortune but to no avail. It had been 5 years since I had slept through the night. Yes, that's correct. Five YEARS. Both of my darling daughters had always been horrible sleepers and kept me up every single night. When I hired Lynette, I knew she was the one. She was that motherly voice of encouragement inside my sleep-deprived brain the middle of the night. I knew I could " call on her" via email day or night, and she would always help me. She knows her stuff, and she taught me what I needed to know. This week, my girls have been sleeping through the night, and so have I. It's so awesome to finally see results. I couldn't be any happier with who I entrusted my situation to."


- Rebecca Bechtold and Faith (18 months)

"I'm going to miss having you close at hand for help. It's been a huge comfort knowing you were there. You've taught me so much. You've truly made a huge impact on my daughter's sleep pattern and she's a much happier baby! And I'm a happier momma!

-Diane Hurford and Elizabeth (14 months)


"I seriously thought I was doomed to be sleep deprived forever. I never thought that the day would come when I could just lay him down in his crib and he would fall asleep. You have gone beyond what I ever expected and put in a lot of work to help me!"


- Danielle Park and Maxwell (5.5 months)

"Admitting we needed help with sleep, was difficult and I saw it as 'defeat'. Very quickly into working with Lynette, my opinion changed and I began to realize that it wasn't defeat, it was just another important part of motherhood I had to learn- when to accept HELP. Lynette gave such great advice to me and my son, and things she has taught me will be helpful with any future babies as well! Lynette was extremely accessible and quick to reply to questions or concerns and she has changed our days and nights for the better! Only 2 days in, the length of naps and quality of night time sleep were drastically improved and because of Lynette's continual guidance, they have remained that way all the way through our consult and even after. Huge thanks to Lynette for helping both of us learn some great skills that will help with sleep for the rest of childhood!"

-Rhea Blain and Kaysen (7.5 months)

"I purchased the basic package which includes the sleep plan and 3 follow-up emails. The sleep plan I received gave me two intermediate options of how to sleep train my 15 month old daughter.

I really wanted to do things the fast way as I was so desperate for sleep but in the end I decided to do it the slow way and take time so it wouldn't be such a shock for her to quit nursing plus co-sleeping.

I put the plan into action in September and it took 5 nights to night wean her. There were a few times during those nights I thought of just nursing her- after all it would be worth it for me to go back to sleep sooner- right? I would always argue with myself but I always quickly came to the conclusion that even though I may lose some extra sleep waiting for her to stop crying and go back to sleep, in the end it would be worth it. 5 nights later I was so glad I stuck to my resolve to do it because after that when she would wake up during the night, within a few minutes she would just go right back to sleep!!! Ahhh the relief! Being able to go back to sleep so much sooner! A few weeks past and we were still co- sleeping and I was starting to catch up on some much needed sleep. It was wonderful. At that point after a few weeks had gone by and I knew she knew that was the end of night nursing, I decided to move her to her crib permanently for the night. I was expecting that to be a bit harder than night nursing but after 2 nights she was basically sleeping through the night! The first two nights I had to go into her room twice and keep patting the mattress for her to lay down and go to sleep. After about half an hour each time she would stop crying , lay down and go to sleep. By the third night I would hear her cry for a few minutes maybe twice a night but after a few minutes she would stop and go back to sleep. Since then things got much better. After about a week I didn't hear her at all anymore. When she would wake up she would just go right back to sleep. It is hard to imagine that was only 5 months ago now. It actually feels like longer. I am so happy I stuck to the plan though, even though it took two stages and a bit longer than I had originally wanted, I am glad I slowly progressed it so it wouldn't be so hard on either of us.

Now that I have gotten full nights sleep for the last 5 months it has been amazing!"


- Anonymous (15 months)