I am here to help you be the best mom possible by giving you the tools to help your child sleep and be rested. Imagine a parenting without feeling exhausted, frustrated over sleep multiple times a day and getting by on caffeine. It IS possible; by teaching you and your little one the tools and skills to sleep better by establishing healthy & safe sleep habits. 

Hi! I'm Lorraine, a mom of three and a certified pediatric sleep consultant and mom coach. I have years of experience along with expertise and schooling.I am here to help you and your baby feel supported. well rested and happy.

No need for guessing


Are you a soon-to-be mom who is worried about the sleepless nights ahead?


Are you unsure of how much you'll enjoy being a mom because you need sleep to function?


Perhaps you've been told "get your sleep now because you won't get any once the baby is here" and that thought terrifies you.

There are ways to walk into motherhood with confidence, knowing that you will get the rest you need and still be supported through any doubts or guilt you may have.


You can start by teaching your baby healthy and safe sleep habits right from day one so that you can be a happy, well-rested mama who's enjoying her new bundle of joy.


Are you the mom that has already been through months of sleepless nights?


Are you tired of holding your baby for every nap?


You just get them to sleep, tip toe out of the room and they wake up 15 minutes later.


Do you drive them around town just so you can get cat naps of peace and quiet?

Are you wishing you could just get a full nights sleep-without the disruptions?


No kicks in the stomach, or elbows in your chin when you bring them in bed with you if they won't go back to  sleep.


Have you tried EVERYTHING? Just to have nothing work?

You don't have to continue this way, nor do you need to feel guilty about wanting a change.


It's never too late to develop healthy and safe sleep habits so that you and your little one get the sleep you both deserve.



The rest you deserve and the


You will receive tips and support from me and can chat with other moms going through similar situations.
6 Secrets to Help Your Newborn Sleep Longer Stretches at Night
We will discuss what is the causing your baby's sleep issues and how I can help you and your little one sleep better.





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