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I always want my clients to feel totally confident in the help and support they are receiving from me. In order for me to do this, I like to have a FREE sleep strategy call - so you and I can get to know each other. During the call I can better understand your struggles and the goals you have for you and your baby. Then, together, we can go over the sleep training options that are best for both of you, so that you can rest assured that you're making the right choice. To book a free call with me click HERE.

Here's how it works: 

Once you have purchased your chosen sleep package, you will receive a welcome email with a link to your Trello board and what steps need to be taken next. I look forward to helping you and your baby get the sleep you need!

By purchasing a package you agree to my Disclaimer and Terms of Condition & Use.

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Newborn Sleep Foundations

This package is for expecting moms that want to establish safe and healthy sleep foundations right from day 1 up until baby is 4 months old.It is not sleep training, instead it is a way to prepare and begin sleeping in the best and healthiest way possible. Ideally, this package would be best to start 2-3 weeks before baby is born so that you know what to expect and can be prepared as much as possible for what is to come. 

What you will receive:
-a detailed sleep plan to ensure safe and healthy sleep habits from the day you being your baby home

-1email/month (4 total, expires at 4 months) of support from me to help answer question as you adjust to your new baby.



Some of the things your plan will include:
-what to expect in the first few weeks
-tips on how to overcome colic, witching hours, and day/night confusion,
-how to prevent the 4 month regression
-establishing a schedule
-establishing safe and healthy sleep habits
-sleep environment

Mom's R&R

This package is to help Moms overcome any sleep struggles their baby/toddler currently has and go through each bump in the road with ease between the ages 4 months- 5 years. 

What you will receive:
-support for 3 weeks
-sleep assessment

-personalized sleep plan
-video assessment of baby's sleeping area
-weekly goals and checklists
-daily sleep journal 
-unlimited email access
-1-1- hour max calls/ week
-3 emergency calls or texts
-support through bumps in the road
-daily check-in through Trello

Some of the things your plan will include:
-appropriate sleep training method
-what to expect during sleep training
-night training and nap training

-establishing a schedule
-establishing safe and healthy sleep habits
-sleep environment

Sleep Basics

This package is to help Moms overcome any small sleep struggles their baby/toddler currently has between the ages 4 months-5 years. 


What you will receive:
-support on a per week basis

-sleep assessment
-sleep plan with sleep method 

-1 call after receiving sleep plan
-unlimited email access
-daily sleep journal through Trello


Packages and prices are subject to change without notice. 
There will be no refunds once a sleep plan is received.


What people are saying about me


"Lifesaver! I was going out of my mind with my three kids (6, 4, and 2 1/2). The 2 1/2 year old was waking up around 4:30 most mornings and it was killing my time to do work, exercise, and most of all, my sanity. Lorainne helped me by asking about our current routine, suggesting a few very small changes, and helping me to track changes in behavior. The tricky thing was that all of my kids sleep in close proximity (2 and 4 year old share a room), so she was able to help me modify all of their behaviors. We kept in touch over the phone and with the app that she uses and it was so helpful! Within a few days, things improved a lot and now, all of my kids are sleeping till at least 6:30 every morning! I feel like I can breathe again and I am gaining back some sense of self. The whole family is happier and I am forever grateful to Lorraine for helping my kids figure out how to sleep again!"

-Alexia, (Anthony, Francesca, Giovanni)

"Lorraine is very knowledgeable about sleep for infants and toddlers. She listens to your needs and personalizes the sleep plan. I have used online sleep sites and their personalized plans aren't personal at all. She truly cares about her clients and will follow up to make sure her plan is working for your family. I would highly recommend her if you are a first time parent or just need some help as a more seasoned parent."

-Gina, (Lily and Emily)

Ready to conquer your sleep battles?